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Siding Repair Vs. Siding Replacement

The ultimate question remains – Is siding repair or replacement most economic & beneficial for you and your home?

We’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons to siding repair vs. siding replacement so you are able to best decide which is right for you.

Siding Repair (for Masonite Siding) can be a cost-effective way of maintaining your home’s exterior and avoiding further damages to problem areas.  Here are a few things to consider for siding repair:  It might more cost effective if you are going to live there less than 5 years or if repairs require less than 20-30% of your homes siding to be replaced.  Regardless it MUST be painted and sealed (otherwise damaged areas can spread, requiring full replacement within the next year or so!)  Another thing to consider is do you have a fireplace chase or wood windows?  (These items require more in depth attention and may increase your costs, making full replacement more economic, in the long run.)Siding Repair Picture

Masonite siding is known for being problematic, from water getting in and being absorbed to the rot, decay and deterioration that moisture causes.  Repairs help extend the life of your home’s siding by preventing further spread of damage to other areas. 

Siding Replacement is also a cost-effective way to maintain your home.  Responsible for energy-efficiency and more, it’s very important to maintain your siding which protects your home.  A few things to consider for siding replacement are cost savings (Expert Xteriors offers volume discounts on materials and labor for full replacement) and full replacement and inspection allows problems areas to be located and fixed, preventing the further spread of issues to other areas of siding.  Siding replacement also provides Vapor Barrier benefits (usually not found on older homes) to keep moisture out and airflow on the outside of your home and the great benefit of long-lasting results.

 Complete siding replacement allows homeowners a chance to fully inspect any possible or existing problem areas and ensure they are fixed to avoid future cost.

While any Wichita Siding Contractor or Siding Company may be willing to reside your home, don’t settle.  Choosing a reputable, reliable siding company is just as important as selecting high quality materials.