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Siding Inspection

We perform thorough siding inspections on a variety of types of siding, helping homeowners catch and maintain possible problem areas and save more money, in the long run.  A thorough, complete inspection helps locate any deteriorating, damaged areas or areas with rot, mildew and/or moisture.  Maintaining your home’s siding is very crucial.  Leaving problem areas unattended will only allow damage to spread, requiring more replacement in the future.

Call our office today to schedule your Siding Inspection and have one of our experienced Siding Inspection Experts meet with you and complete a thorough Inspection.


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Don't let the Mold & Structural Rot take over!

Siding Inspections are an important and cost-effective way to maintain your home’s exterior.  Our trained and knowledgeable Experts complete a thorough inspection of your home’s exterior to locate problem areas and potential problem areas.  Locating problem areas and having them repaired is preventative maintenance and economically smart for homeowners.  Gone unattended, problem areas, such as rot or mildew, spread, causing the need for complete replacement when partial repair could have been made initially, further extending the life of your home’s exterior.

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Walk-around Inspections consists of inspecting windows, siding, roof & drainage.

Exterior Education
Our Experts show the homeowners where the current and upcoming problem areas are and the solutions to fix those problems.