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Welcome to Our Siding and Painting Company in Wichita Kansas!

Expert Xteriors has over thirty year's experience in the Wichita area.  Whether it is exterior or interior, residential or commercial, we are experienced in all areas of construction.  We pride ourselves on giving the highest level of attention to every job – right down to the smallest detail.

We are a full service Wichita Painting Company specializing in exterior house painting as well as interior house painting. Expert Xteriors makes the difference from the first phone call right down to the homeowner's final walk-around. All of our customers will be 100 percent satisfactied with their home before we leave; guaranteed. Most painting companies can only claim expertise in painting, but at Expert Xteriors we understand everything right down to the core of the home.

Did you know the #1 reason your Masonite siding is failing is because of cheap painters caulking? Yes that's right, caulking. Did your last painting company apply some cheap acrylic based caulking for twenty-five cents a tube or so? You would probably agree with us if we told you, your roof was made with an oil based product. So if the answer was yes, and roofs general last for 20 to 30 years, why do painting companies in Wichita continue to use acrylic based caulking? You guessed it , price. When you pick painting contractors this time around maybe you and your home deserve a little better care. Walk around your home and see how your last painting company did for you. Look at the caulking around the corners. Are there any cracks? If so, they didn't use an oil based product. Does the paint look thin in places especially on the bottom row of siding? Go check our cheap painting article as well as homeowners corner for some caulking and painting details. Give us a call and talk to one of our painting experts to explain why we make the difference.

There are many Wichita Painting Companies selling a variety of paint brands out there also, but let's be honest though. As far as paint companies are concerned, Sherwin Williams has been around since 1866 and is by far the best paint on the market. If your still a little fuzzy on paint quality, go check our cheap painting article which includes some painting costs for exterior painting.

So you should be asking yourself, what sets Expert Xteriors apart from other siding and paint companies in Wichita Kansas? We make the difference in four categories craftsmanship, quality products, customer service, competitive pricing. If you would like to be added to our increasing number of happy customers, give us a call and schedule a free paint estimate today or click here to submit for a online free estimate to receive our internet specials.

Our trained experts will be glad to help in any exterior projects. We also offer free exterior inspections to help analyze all your home's needs. If you are worried about the budget, we can help there also. We offer 100% financing on home improvements with no money down and 0% interest for 18 months (W.A.C.).

Feel free to browse to our exterior services page. Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for all of our customers. All of our crews members are in house employees, so you don't have to worry about which sub contractors showing up on your project. Expert Xteriors is committed to excellence.

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